<Back Office><Users> allows you create and to set the permissions of Users, as well as change their PIN. The first user, with UserID = 1, is a super user that has all permissions which can not be removed. You can add as many Users to Napkin EPOS as you like. The following fields are applicable: 

Username: All user’s action will be tagged with the Username, so you can track ‘Sales by User’, or ‘Voids by User’ etc. Username needs to be unique.

PIN: Each PIN needs to be unique, as it is only the PIN that is used to Log In.  PINs are shielded and are always displayed on this screen as 0000.  To change the PIN, overwrite the 0000 with your desired number. The length of the PIN is limited to the number of digits defined in the <Client Static> section. If you define the PIN with fewer digits than the max, you will need to press the LogIn button on the front screen when logging in.

Void Item: Once an item is confirmed, only users where this is ticked can then void an Item. If a user without this permissions, has some Items confirmed on their “Temp” Tab, and they need to Void one of them…. they will need to first move that Item to a Numbered Tab, after which another user, who has this permission, can then Void.

Void Final: Once payment is taken and the Tab is cashed out and finalised, only Users with this Permission, can void the whole bill. Prior history of sales can be found under on the main screen, by clicking  followed by ‘Sales History’.

Back Offce : Gives permission to add or amend anything in the <Back Office> except <Users> and <Cash Out> which is a separate permission as per below.

Cash Out: Gives permission for a User to perform the < End of Day Cash Out>  function.

Discounts: Gives permission to add a discount to a bill. 

Reports: Allows users to view reports including the ‘Today Summary’ on the mail till.

Edit Users : Gives permission to add or amend <Users>

Active : Defines whether the user is active or not.

Session_ID : When each User, logs into Napkin, a randomised SessionID is created for them. By deleting their Session_ID will automatically Log them Out.