Release Notes

Version 8.17 (31st Mar 2023)

  • Opening Stock Report: Show location of each item from the associated Stock Take on the Opening Stock Report.
  • Notifications : Enable Device Push Notifications for customers who order online and select Collection as the delivery method.
  • WebApp: Allow customer ordering website to be installed as a WebApp on users mobile devices.

Version 8.16 (19th Feb2023)

  • Online Discount: Enabled discount codes that customers can enter online.

Version 8.15.1 (13th Jan 2023)

  • Receipts: Split out Napkin online cart and receipts when the multiples quantities of same item fall under different promotions.
  • Servers: Online PHP upgraded to version 8.2 and all prior versions decommission.

Version 8.15 (2nd Jan 2023)

  • SumUp: Daily check and email account holder when biannual SumUp Re-Authorisation is required.

Version 8.14 (29th Dec 2022)

  • SumUp: Show notification on <Back Office> when biannual SumUp Re-Authorisation is required.
  • SumUp: Migrate SumUp Authorisation process from over to

Version 8.13 (20th Dec 2022)

  • Report Category Mappings: Overview of how Stock Items are mapped to a Report Category, with ability to easily amend.

Version 8.12 (12th Dec 2022)

  • Out Of Stock Online functionality to include all modifiers.
  • Screen WakeLock can be set to be active only between certain hours

Version 8.11 (8th Nov 2022)

  • Report Category Modifiers: Enhancement to allow modifiers to be created for a Report Category.

Version 8.10 (15th Oct 2022)

  • Group Modifiers: Enhancement to create group modifiers, for online customers and staff using the till.

Version 8.09 (5th Aug 2022)

  • 3DSecure: Save customer payments cards based on 3D secure protocol.
  • Historical orders for customers who created a Napkin account for online ordering
  • Servers: Online PHP upgraded to version 8.

Version 8.08 (1st July 2021)

  • Napkin: Allow customers to create an account, save their payment card to the account, and then use the saved payment card during checkout.

Version 8.07 (24th May 2021)

  • Napkin Tips: Allow customers to add a tip to their online order, with a pre-defined default tip that the customer can change.

Version 8.05 (29th April 2021)

  • SumUp: Enhancement to check SumUp payment if still pending when loading Tab, or finalising bill. i.e. when user closes SumUp App after card terminal payment and message back to Napkin didn’t occur.

Version 8.01 (22nd December 2020)

  • Continue rebranding of Tilgo to Napkin, including server changes.

Version 8 (22nd November 2020)

  • Start of rebranding of Tilgo to Napkin
  • Servers: Online Server upgrades to Debian 10.

Version 7.99 (14th November 2020)

  • Online Menus: Ability to create multiple different online menus, each with their own delivery method, (eg take away or collection), opening and wait times.
  • Permissions: Reports are now permissioned separately for users.

Version 7.98 (17th October 2020)

  • Napkin Order Status: Configure whether an order status is
    • Queue Position
    • Wait Time
    • Preparing Order
  • Napkin Allow Scheduled Orders: Give ability to enable or disable scheduled orders.

Version 7.97 (12th October 2020)

  • Napkin Allow Add Note: Allows a customer on Napkin to include a free-text note to the item when adding it to their basket. This will appear on the printed order and all types of receipts.

Version 7.96 (6th October 2020)

  • Napkin Out Of Stock: New screen in Tilgo back office to indicate an item is out of stock on Napkin. Forces current website users to reload as menu has changed, and items in their basket, that are out of stock, are removed. Applicable to modifiers also.
  • Napkin Images: Increase the image upload size to 10mb, and show loading indicator when processing.
  • Napkin Promotions : Promotion description now included for a modifier when item is in the basket or receipt.

Version 7.95 (27th September 2020)

  • Reports: Two new reports available: “Sales Count by Level 1 Category” and “Sales Count by Level 2 Category”.
  • Stock Item Name and Description: Allow special characters comma, and percentage% to be used.
  • Export and Import: Now using “Tab Separated Variable” or TSV format for Export and Import of <Back Office> data.

Version 7.94 (17th September 2020)

  • Printers: Allow free text and/or QR codes to be printed from within the printer setup section.
  • StockTake: Better highlight where ingredients are no longer setup correctly or items no longer active, but where estimated stock is present on them.

Version 7.93 (8th September 2020)

  • Bug Fix: Allow all promotions to be deactivated.
  • Bill Finalised: Don’t show ability to send customer receipt email, on bill finalisation, if its a Napkin Order with no waitstaff amendments, as email was already sent, when the order was first generated.

Version 7.92 (5th September 2020)

  • Modifiers: Allow a stock item to have itself as a modifier. When it is also a “Checkbox” or “Option” type, the words “Double Up On ” is added as a prefix to the name on the modifier screen. This is useful for creating modifiers for double shot of spirits.
  • Modifiers on Receipts: If an item on a bill has a modifier of itself the words “Double Up On ” is added as a prefix to the name just after the “+” sign. If there are multiply modifiers of the same item on one main item, the text is not added. i.e. in the case of a triple shot.

Version 7.91 (22nd August 2020)

  • Modifiers: New “Checkbox” type added that allows you to add only one unit of a given modifier. This is optional.

Version 7.9 (8th August 2020)

  • Screen Awake: Keep screen awake when using main till. Requires Chrome v84 with Screen Wake Lock API.
  • Promotions: Enabled the ability to set up promotions on Napkin.
  • Receipts: Align receipt layout between printed, email and Napkin.

Version 7.8 (10th July 2020)

  • VAT: New Hospitality 5% VAT Rate from 15-Jul-2020 to 12-Jan-2021
  • Backup
    • Cloud backup for Stock Item Images.
    • Full restore from Backup including Images and Napkin sync.

Version 7.7 (19th June 2020)

  • Tabs: Show collection and ready by /delivery time, on the Online Tabs selector for Napkin orders.
  • Napkin: Improvements with Napkin integration.

Version 7.6 (5th June 2020)

  • Stock Item Description: Allow special characters like & + * # / @ ( ) .

Version 7.5 (1st June 2020)

  • Napkin:
    • Enable 3DSecure
    • Improvements with Napkin integration.

Version 7.4 (26th May 2020)

  • Napkin Collection/ Delivery Times:
    • Ability for customer to choose a later Collection or Delivery Time when ordering online.
    • Show customer selected Collection / Delivery Time on customer’s email receipt , printed receipt, printed order, and on the main till, in both Online Tabs and Sales History.

Version 7.3 (5th April 2020)

  • Stock Item Image: Add an image to a Stock Item, which is then displayed on Napkin
  • Napkin Wait Times: Define average wait times for Napkin collection at different periods of time during the day and week. Additionally specify an average delivery wait time to be added to the collection wait time.

Version 7.2 (18th March 2020)

  • Modifiers: New expanded modifier functionality for both Tilgo and Napkin.
    • Ability to add multiply modifiers. Both of the same ‘Addon’ and of different ‘Addon’s,  e.g. ‘Full English Breakfast’…. 1x ‘pot of tea’ and 2x ‘extra bacon rations’.
    • Option’ based modifier, where you have to select one of several available options to be able to add the item. eg for “Two Eggs on Toast” modifier: how would you like your eggs cooked? 1)scrambled 2)fried 3)poached.
    • All the modifiers are grouped together and linked to the original stock item.

Version 7.1 (8th February 2020)

  • Email Receipts: Orders coming in from Napkin, now automatically sends a customer an email receipt.
  • Pay Bill On Napkin: Orders generated on Tilgo, now synced with Napkin, allowing customer to pay online for an order given locally to the waiter/server.
  • Online Receipts: QR Code on Customer printed receipt, links where customer can view their receipt online.

Version 7 (2nd February 2020)

  • Integration with online ordering platform Napkin. Enabling customer to order and pay online with orders immediately synced to Tilgo, followed by automatic order printing.

Version 6.9 (11th January 2020)

  • User Interface: Under <Back Office>, a new ‘Report Category’ replaces Report Group 1 and 2, making it easier for users to create and visualise the grouping hierarchy used in <Reports>.

Version 6.8 (4th January 2020)

  • User Interface: Enable first category level to always be visible on the Till.

Version 6.7 (30th November 2019)

  • Tabs (Audit): Prevent deletion of tabs or area of Floorplan, if any tab is locked or has items on it.
  • Tabs (Audit): If any changes to Floorplan, then reload tabs in real-time in main till.
  • Customers (Audit): Allow ability to add new customers from main till screen, even if no customer yet setup.
  • Customers (Audit): If customer Balance is non zero, disable ability to amend Full Name on main till.

Version 6.6 (16th November 2019)

  • User Interface: Zoom Slider
  • Tabs (Audit): If user not active, remove from “Users” tab, where you can move a user’s tab to another tab
  • Customers (Audit): If add or edit customer from main till, don’t trigger “Static Data Reloading…”

Version 6.5 (9th November 2019)

  • Customers: When bill finalisation occurs, allow the user to create a customer on the fly and email them a receipt.
  • Tabs: Allow super user to move another user’s Temp tab so it can be closed/worked on. Useful if staff have left for the day, but have a tab in their name open.

Version 6.4 (19th October 2019)

  • Customers: Ability to link a customer to a bill, and under ‘Sales History’ send the customer an email receipt.
  • New Report: Sales count by Item by day.
  • New Report: Group by day of the week.

Version 6.3 (5th October 2019)

  • New Report: Sales by time of day
  • Cash Drawer : Ability to assign a Pulse Width in milliseconds to trigger the opening of the cash drawer.
  • UI Improvements: On <Back Office> all filtering is done in real time as you type. Funnel filter button removed.
  • UI Improvements: First column and header in table locked for smoother scrolling in <Reports>.
  • Bug Fix: If all tabs are removed, still continue through the SumUp response process.
  • Backups: Record the current binlog location and file when backup created.

Version 6.2 (28th September 2019)

  • Barcode/QR: Ability to create a QR code for a Stock Item or Discount. Can copy to clipboard, print or download the QR code image.
  • Category: Specify for each device the default starting Category when the user logs in. Useful if you have two tills that offer different items for sale in two different locations on your premises, eg Members bar and non-members bar.
  • UI Improvements: Listbox introduced as an input method in <Back Office> for the user to more easily select from a list of options.
  • UI Improvements: First column and header in table locked for smoother scrolling in <Back Office>

Version 6.1 (7th September 2019)

  • Barcode/QR: Scanner enabled for Discounts on both main till and adding in the Back Office. Allows QR codes to be sent to loyal customers, which can then be scanned by a bartender/waiter to add a discount to their bill.
  • Barcode/QR: Scanner enabled for variable price items and items with modifiers.
  • Discounts: Adding/modifying <Discounts> in <Back Office> now on vertical view consistent with <StockItems> and easier for users on mobile devices.

Version 6 (24th August 2019)

  • Accounting software integration. Syncs Sales, Payments, Suppliers and Deliveries in real time. New screen in Back Office to show sync status.
  • Barcode: Uses device camera to scan QR and Barcodes. Utilises ZXing. Scanner available when creating a new Stock Item and also for adding an item to a bill.
  • Discount : User permissions to add any discount to a bill
  • GBP: Added ability to use the £ symbol in description and comments.
  • Speed: Improve calculation speed of Promotions, Discounts and Service, by moving it from client side to server. Current calcs are now stored in database real-time. “Today Summary” now reflects these calculations on open bills.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed login timeout issue when the device has been dormant and application not in focus.

Version 5.7 (27th July 2019)

  • PaymentTypes: New generic ‘Card’ added with a new icon showing 3 cards overlayed of VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX.
  • Reports: Total row added to top of all reports.
  • Reports: Estimated amounts of payment types added to <Cash Out Detail> report.
  • Initial integration work necessary for syncing transactional level ‘Sales’ and ‘Delivery’ data.

Version 5.6 (22th June 2019)

  • New report : “Cash Out Detail” includes actual sales by payment type.
  • StockTake : Volume column added.
  • AWS Cloud Backup: In addition to keeping the latest overnight backup, will now also keep each Monday’s backup for the last 4 weeks.
  • Reports: Speed improvements for most of the reports.

Version 5.5 (8th June 2019)

  • Cash Drawer: Ability to automatically open the cash drawer on bill settlement based on Payment Type.
  • StockTake: During StockTake, if WIFI is temporary lost, <Enter> keypress now continues to work.

Version 5.4 (1st June 2019)

  • New report: “Opening Stock Value” by Historical Date.
  • Bug Fix: Add 2 items on new tab really really quickly when wifi really really slow creates two bills. – solved so only one bill created.

Version 5.3 (12th May 2019)

  • Variable Price for Stock Item. When you select the item on the main till, a popup will ask every time for the price.
  • Create Order: New column “On Order” added to report and factored into the auto generation of orders based on if there is a pending supplier order.
  • Create Order : Save ability and email refactored, so email is not compulsory.

Version 5.2 (3rd May 2019)

  • Bug Fix: Add 2 cash items on new tab really really quickly when wifi really really slow deletes one of them – solved so only one item can be added at a time.

Version 5.1 (13th April 2019)

  • New Weights and Measures: litre, g, kg, pint, unit added.
  • Operations: Separate process to check every 5 minutes that all services are up and running, and restart if not.

Version 5 (9th March 2019)

  • Integration with SumUp on Android, to automatically send the appropriate bill amount to the debit/credit card reader, so the waiter/waitress can take payment quickly and easily.
  • Retrieve SumUp transactions on End Of Day CashOut
  • HTTPS: SSL encryption added with new URL and DNS integration.
  • WebApk compliant with Manifest for Android Intent usage.
  • Stock Items: New vertical view for adding and amending items.