Under <Back Office><Discounts> are where Discounts are defined. Two are already set up, and you can add more.

The two discounts already set up are “Variable Amount” based. One is an Absolute discount and the other is a Relative discount. Variable Price means there is no initial Amount set, and only when it is added to a Bill will a popup message occur asking for the applicable value to be applied, as shown below.

If you have a regular discount that you give to your customers, say £10 off or 5% off, then you can set up these predefined discounts under <Back Office><Discounts>.  In the same way as the <StockItems> section use the Add button or select a discount and then use the Edit button.

Description: The text that will be displayed on the main till button, and customer’s receipt.

Type : Defines whether the discount is an “Absolute” amount like ‘£10 off’ or a “Percentage” discount like 5%.

Is Variable Amount: allows you to specify the amount at the time of adding it to the bill. If ticked then the “Amount” field will be disabled.

Amount: Static amount added to the bill, will be based on the “Type”, ‘Absolute’ or ‘Percentage’.

Sales Tax Type: Defines the applicable tax rate that is applied for the Discount.

  • “Bill Average”, will use the average VAT rate for the whole bill that the discount is added too.
  • “Tax Band”, will use the pre-defined tax rate that you specified under <Tax Band> field, like ‘VAT 20pc’.

Tax Band: Disabled if “Sales Tax Type” = ‘Bill Average’. Otherwise select the appropriate tax rate for the Discount.

Barcode/QR: Similar to <StockItems> it is possible to assign a QR or barcode to a discount, that can then be scanned on the main till.  Simply type in the barcode number or QR text into the field or use the  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is scanner.png Scanner button. You can also create a QR code from the text/number that is present in this field by clicking the button. A QR code image will be displayed, and from there you can print, download or copy to clipboard.

Order : the sequence in which the buttons are displayed on the main till.

Show on Till : Enables whether the discount is shown on the main till or not. A Discount could still be active but not shown on the main till. For example this could be where you give a customer a QR code for a discount, and a waiter can scan it in to add it to the bill, but there is no button on the main till itself. ie Scanning is the only way to add the discount.

It is possible to enable / disable each user with the ability to add any Discounts to a bill. This setting is under <Back Office><Users>