Order History

Once an Order is created, it can be retrieved from  <Back Office><Order Hisrtory>

There are 3 possible states for the order’s ‘Status’ :

  • Pending
  • Delivered
  • Deleted

From this screen you can ‘Delete’ or ‘Drilldown’  an existing Order.  Simply select the row of the order you wish to action, and click the appropriate button.

When using ‘Drilldown’, ,  the list of items ordered will be displayed.  If the order is not in ‘Deleted’ state, the Quantity can be editted.

You can not add any new items to the Order, but you can change the quantity of items already on the Order. Any changes automatically save.

It is possible to generate a new email to send to the Supplier by clicking .

If an Order has been delivered to your premises, use the section <Back Office><New Deliveries> to indicate that this has happened.