Tabs and the Floorplan Designer

You can set up Tabs and define your floorplan in <Back Office><Table/Tab Designer>
A Table and a Tab is exactly the same, and we will refer to them both as Tabs going forward. Any changes made, are instantaneously saved. Note: there is no Undo function.

Tabs are grouped into ‘Areas’. You can add as many ‘Areas’ as you like. This is done by clicking   followed by  +Area.  Every time you add a Tab to an Area by clicking  followed by  +Tab  it is given a new number, starting with 1, eg….1,2,3,4….etc

Each Area increments the Tab numbers by 100.  so the first Area have Tabs, 1,2,3,4…. the second area has Tabs, 101,102,103,104…..You can think of the numbering logic as similar to rooms in a hotel on different floors.

You can add up to 99 Tabs on a given Area.

To rename an ‘Area’, double tap/click on its name, on the top row.

An Area can be setup in 2 ways : Unify and Customise, which you choose from the menu . You can change between them for an Area at anytime.


Tabs are placed on the screen in a grid in one standard size and one colour. You may want to use this for “Bar Tabs”, where you give the customer a token, and they come up to the bar to order, showing the waitress the token of their Tab.


This is used, when you want to display your Tabs like tables, and represent then in the same layout as the floorplan of your restaurant / cafe.  This will make it easier for staff to learn the restaurant’s floorplan, and if, when delivering food to a customer, they forgotten where table ‘105’ is, they can quickly look up the table positions. All printed orders, eg food printed to the “Kitchen” printer, will have the Tab number on it.

You can change the size of the tab by dragging the triangle ◢  in the bottom right hand corner of the Tab you want to modify.

Change the Tab colour by clicking on . This will cycle through a variety of different colours.  You may choose to use different colours, and assign a colour to a different member of staff for them to wait on that colour set.

Remove the Tab by selecting the X in the top right hand corner of the Tab.

⇘  allows you to round the corners of the Tab, to make an oval or circular table.

To change the size of the actual Area floorplan, drag the triangle ◢  in the bottom right hand corner to define the size you want.

It is not possible to rename the Tabs. They are automatically allocated a number.

To remove an area, simply remove all the Tabs in the area, and then you will have the option to “Remove Area”.


You can add features to the ‘Customise’ Area by clicking   followed by  +Feature. This simply helps define the room, and allows your staff to see other points of reference to assist them in selecting the correct table. Features are always coloured grey.  You can rename a feature, by double clicking/tapping on it.