Deliveries History

To view and amend previous deliveries, go to the section <Back Office><Deliveries History> There are 3 possible states for the delivery’s ‘Status’ :

  • Editable
  • Archived
  • Deleted

A newly created Delivery, will have an initial Status of ‘Editable’.

Once a “Calc Shrinkage + Roll” has occurred, any ‘Deliveries’ in ‘Editable’ state will be switched to ‘Archived’ and can no longer be amended.

From this screen you can ‘Delete’ or ‘Drilldown’  an existing Delivery.  Simply select the row of the delivery you wish to action, and click the appropriate button.

When ‘Drilldown’ ,  the list of items under that delivery will be displayed.

If the ‘Status’ is ‘Editable’, you can now amend the ‘Quantity’, ‘Cost Per Unit’ and ‘VAT Rate %’ as necessary. Any changes will automatically save.