Online Out Of Stock

If an item has become out of stock during the day, it is possible to indicate this to your customers that are using, and prevent them from ordering it.

Select <Back Office> <Online Out Of Stock>. This will show all the items that are enabled on Napkin, along with their Report Category:

Use the checkbox next to each item to indicate if it is Out Of Stock. When changed this will update within 1 minute, and all current users on the website, will be presented with a message saying that the menu has changed.

Once the user clicks OK, it will reload the menu, with the Out Of Stock items updated and shown accordingly, like Hamburger in the example.

If the a modifier is out of stock then this will be shown when the customer starts to add an item with that modifier as shown with Fevertree Tonic below.

If a customer has an item in the basket which has become out of stock, as the menu is reloaded, Napkin will then indicate to the user, that their basket has also changed.

On clicking <OK> the user is presented with their basket, and the items that are out of stock are shown. If one modifier on an item, is out of stock the whole item is removed, and the modifier will have a line through it to indicate to the user the piece of the order that is out of stock.

The next time the user views their basket, the out of stock items will have been completely removed, and no longer visible.

Important Note:

Every time the static in the back office changes, be that Online Out Of Stock, or Category, Stock Item Price or Description etc, the customers live on Napkin will be told the menu has changed, and forced to reload it. Hence it is best to do any large scale changes during off-peak times, or prior to opening, so the user is not presented with multiple reloads during the time you work on the back office data.