Items: Increase, Decrease, Comment

Once you have added items to a Tab, it is possible to easily increase more of the same Item or decrease them.

Simply touch/click the existing Item you want to increase/decrease, and new options will be given at the bottom of the screen….  

  to add more of the same, one at a time. Items will be added in an unconfirmed state, so you will need to click  to get them confirmed and sent to the designated printer.

  to remove the item, one at a time.  Any confirmed Items will be ‘void’ and a void order sent to the designated printer.

  to include a comment on the item, e.g. for customer customisation.

Example below of adding a comment “Medium” to ‘Sunday Beef’

It is possible to delete multiple Items at the same time by clicking on   . This will allow you to multi select Items, by simply touching/clicking on them.

A trash can  is shown at the bottom of the screen, that allows you to delete/void all the items selected, as shown below.