New Deliveries

When Stock Items are delivered to your premises, you need to record this fact in Napkin to utilise the Inventory Management functionality.

Select <Back Office><New Deliveries>  and enter the Date and Supplier.

This will then pull in the Stock Items where the specified supplier is the Item’s ‘Default Supplier‘.  Items will not be displayed when a) ‘From Ingredient’ is ticked,  or b) ‘ Exclude from Stock Take’ is ticked.

The ‘Cost Per Unit’ and ‘VAT Rate %’ is shown, and can be overwritten as necessary. The ‘Quantity’ refers to the delivery ‘Size’, and is where you enter the amount of units delivered. ‘Total Cost’ will be calculated automatically as you change ‘Quantity’ and ‘Cost Per Unit’.

‘Total Cost’ = ‘Quantity’ x  ‘Cost Per Unit’.

The grey cell directly below the ‘Total Cost’ header is the sum of all the items’ Total Cost’.

The grey cell directly below the ‘VAT Rate %’ header is the sum of all the items’ VAT Amounts’. 

‘VAT Amount’ = ‘Total Cost’  – ( ‘Total Cost’  /  ( 1 + VAT Rate ) )

Individual Item’s ‘VAT Amounts’ are not displayed but calculated in the background for the purpose of the Sum Total.

We advise you to cross reference both these sum totals to the delivery note / invoice totals from your supplier, as a final check to ensure everything is captured.

You can add additional Items by using the green row and clicking the button.

‘Comments’ and ‘Invoice Number’ are free text fields that you can use to store any information you want to with the delivery.

Retrieving an Order

It is possible to retrieve an existing “Pending” Order that was generated via <Create Order>, by selecting the appropriate ‘Order ID’.

This will populate the Items and Quantity, so you can check off to the actual delivery. You can still amend as necessary, for instance if the Supplier was out of stock on one of the Items, but delivered the rest.

Click the Save button, will capture the delivery, and also set the retrieved order’s ‘Status’ to ‘Delivered’

Furthermore a newly created ‘Delivery’, will have an initial ‘Status’ of ‘Editable’ as seen on the <Back Office><Deliveries History> section