Till and Report Category

Both ‘Till Category’ and ‘Report Category’, use the same functionality, described below, to setup and manage.

The “Top” Category sits above all the rest, and is in essence the front screen of the till. This can not be deleted or renamed.

To add a new Category to the “Top” node,  select “Top” and click the  Button.  

You can then add new child categories to the ones you have already created or to the “Top” node.  Once you select the Category, options will appear on at the top of the screen:

Using  allows you to reorder the child categories within its Parent category.

Using allows you to change the level of the category to becomes more parent or more child.

 allows you to edit the name of an existing category.

To delete an existing category, select it and click 

Once your Till categories are created, have a look at it in the main till to ensure it is what you want.

When you enter your <Stock Items> you will need to tag each item with a  ‘Till Category’.  If you don’t, it will not appear on the Till.

Report Category only has two levels, where as Till Category can have unlimited levels.

It is possible to specify, for each device, what Category the till will open up on, when a User logs in.  Set the ‘Till Category’ field in <Back Office><Device>.  The default is ‘Top’.


Order in which Stock Items are displayed ( Till Category only)

Once your have added all your <Stock Items> you can come back into the <Till Category> section to choose the order in which they appear on the screen.  Select the Category you want to order, and click on . This will display all the Stock Items associated with that category so you can order them.

Use  and  to sort in ascending or descending order. Or you can press and hold, to select a particular item and then simply move it to the location you want it displayed. eg ‘Pacifico’ below.

It is also possible to create a line break within a Category. Simply do a single tap/click on the Stock Item for it to start on a new line, as can be seen with ‘Tonic’ in example above