Online Menus

Under <Back Office><Online Menus> it is possible to define multiple menus that your customers can see when using the online ordering portal. You could create a “Table Service” menu, or a “Take Away” menu or a “Sunday Lunch” menu for example. First select the appropriate menu you want to edit using the dropdown next to the word “Menu” In the example below it is “Table Service”. However to create a completely new menu use on this same row. Similarly changes the name of the menu, and will delete the menu.

To add a new menu category press , then enter the unique name and click <OK>. A new menu category will be created with the symbol . You can only create one flat level of menu categories, but can have as many categories as you like.

With a menu category selected you now have 5 options, as shown below

To delete the menu category simply pressing or to change its name by pressing . It is possible to move the menu category up or down the tree by using and .

Lastly you will need to add a Stock Item to the menu category for it to appear on the online ordering portal, and this would be done by pressing . A popup box will now appear, with a dropdown list of all the Stock Items available to add. You type to narrow down the list.

Select <OK> on the popup to add the Item to that menu category. This item will have a symbol of , as shown below.

To delete the Stock Item from the menu use and to move it up or down within the menu category use and .

Menu Delivery Options

Each menu, has its own delivery options, be that “Table Service”, “Collection” or “Delivery”, and those which are ticked will be given as an option to the customer during their checkout process. Lastly you can simply remove the entire menu from the online ordering portal, by unticking the “Active” checkbox.

Online Opening and Wait Times.

Select for a given menu to enter the times that your customers can place orders on just that menu, using the and to add and remove rows.

Outside of these times a banner will be presented to your customers showing that you are currently closed. The customers can still view the menu, and add items to their cart, but will not be allowed to checkout.

You can also specify the “Collection Wait Time” in minutes, if a customer places an order in that given time period. As can be seen in the screenshot above, Saturday has two time slots, one from 9:00 to 18:00 and then one from 18:00 to 23:30, with each slot having a different collection wait time, i.e. 10 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. You can add as many time slots as you want, though make sure there are no gaps in between time slots on a given day, otherwise Napkin will indicate that you are closed during that gap.

This ‘Collection Wait Time’ is the number of minutes from when the customer checkouts to when it should be available for collection. The estimated collection time is shown to the customer on the Checkout screen. The Collection time will also be displayed on the customer’s email receipt, printed receipt, printed order, and on the main till, both under ‘Online Tabs’, and Sales History.

Online Discounts

Select the % icon for a given ‘menu’ to enable a discount code that your customers can use when placing online orders. Use the and to add and remove discounts. Discount Codes can be created by selecting Back Office > Discounts

Once a code is enabled it will be available for anyone to use online. The codes are not case sensitive.