End Of Day CashOut

When settling a bill, the payment type is recorded, eg Cash, Account, SumUp or VISA etc. However what is actually taken, and in the cash drawer at the end of the day may be different. Mistakes are made, e.g. giving the customer the wrong change, or incorrectly entering the payment on the card terminal. Hence Napkin EPOS allows you to record the total cash and card payments for the day using <Back Office><End Of Day Cash Out> or from < CashOut> from the main till menu.

The ‘Expected’ payments are shown, with the ability for you to enter in the ‘Actual’ payments you see at the end of the day. ‘Variance’ highlights the difference between the two. A field called ‘Petty Cash’ allows you to record any cash you have taken from the cash drawer to buy small ancillary items during the day.

If you are using Napkin EPOS’s SumUp integration, click on  to retrieve the current days transactions that have gone through the SumUp service – this will include both from the card terminal and the online customer ordering portal. This total is taken directly from SumUp’s servers so will include everything on your SumUp account regardless of whether it was entered through Napkin.  This will also include anything taken on the SumUp 3G card reader.  

Click on to download all the SumUp transactions to a csv file from your SumUp account for your review.  These two SumUp actions will factor in the ‘Trading Period Offset in Hours’ that is specified under the <Settings> section.

Clicking the save button, will create a popup message asking to confirm the Cash Out.

Clicking ‘YES’ will save the CashOut information, and also send an email with a summary.  The recipient is defined in <Settings>, and is usually the Manager or Owner’s email address. 

Amending the CashOut is possible by selecting the appropriate date, and clicking on the edit button.