It is possible to setup promotions like ‘three-course meal set price’ or ‘two cocktails for £8’, by using the 2 sections <Promo Groups> and <Promo Combo Setup> within the <Back Office>
Start in <Promo Groups> by creating groups for ‘Stock Items’ that will go into the promotion, e.g, if you wanted to have mix and match any 2 cocktails for £8 from a range of say 5 different cocktails, you would set up a <Promo Groups> called say ‘Cocktail’, and then in <Stock Items> tag the 5 of them with the ‘Promo Group’ of ‘Cocktail’.

Next in <Promo Combo Setup> , Give a description to you Promo: this will appear on the Till and customer receipt. Then populate ‘Item1’ and ‘Item2’ with ‘Cocktail’. Add the ‘TillPrice‘, and ‘Tax Band‘ to finish the setup. Below shows the cocktail example, as well as three course set menu.

Order’ is used to specify the sequence in which the promotions are applied to the bill. This is relevant when the same item is in more than one promotion.