Split Tabs / Move Items Between Tabs

It is possible to split tabs, or move items from one tab to another.  Go into the Tab, where you want to move items from… then : 

  1. If you want to move all the Items to another Tab, press ,  and then choose the Tab you want the move to..
  2. If you want to only move some of the items to another Tab, first select , and then touch/click the items you want to move. This will highlight them in blue as seen below:

Now select , and then choose the Tab you want the selected Items to move to…. this can be an empty Tab, or a Tab with Items already on it.

This functionality is useful if, for instance, a customer starts a bar tab, and then later sits down at a table for food, where the waitress starts another Tab for the food, unaware of the original bar Tab.  When it comes to paying, you can consolidate them all onto one Tab, and hence one bill for the customer.

Moving a User’s Temp Tab

It is possible for a user with ‘Back Office’ permissioning to move all the items on another users Temp tab to another Tab. On the main till, the Super user should have an empty tab, this could be their Temp tab or a numbered Tab. Then select, followed by ‘Users’  at which point you will see below

Select the User who’s tab you wish to move.

Note: It is not possible to move items from another tab into an ‘Online’ tab.