Create Order

Under <Back Office><Create Order> you can create an order that can be emailed to your suppliers.  If instead you have purchased online through your supplier’s website, you can still record what has been ordered, to enable quick retrieval for when the items are delivered.

Firstly select the ‘Date’, and the ‘Supplier‘.

This will then pull in the Stock Items where the specified supplier is the Item’s ‘Default Supplier’ as defined under <Stock Items>.  Items will not be displayed when a) ‘From Ingredient’ is ticked,  or b) ‘ Exclude from Stock Take’ is ticked.

Delivery Size, as well as ‘Min’ level and ‘Par’ level will be displayed for information purposes.  Napkin EPOS will also calculate the current ‘Estimated Stock’ level based on Opening Stock, previous Sales and Deliveries.  ‘On Order’ column displays items that have been ordered but not yet delivered, so you don’t double up by accident. 

When the current ‘Estimated Stock’ level plus ‘On Order’ is below the ‘Min’ level, then ‘Quantity to Order’ will be pre-populated with ‘Par’ Level minus current ‘Estimated Stock’ level minus ‘On Order’.

You can change ‘Quantity to Order’ as you see fit, or add new items, by filling in the green coloured row, and clicking on the button.

When you are finished, click on the button.  Once saved it can later be retrieved through <Order History>  and <New Deliveries>. The ‘Status’ of this saved Order will initially be set as ‘Pending’, ie awaiting delivery. During the save process, a popup will ask you if you want to create an email of the order. This will be created using your default email client, with the order details, along with the <Supplier Item Codes> and an auto generated order #number. An email address, as defined in <Suppliers>, needs to be populated for this to be generated.  

Android Gmail client example below:

After saving the order, if you went back into the same supplier to create another order, you will see the ‘On Order’ updated, as shown in below :