The <Ingredient> section is used to define the make up of an Item from other Item(s), e.g. a Cocktail or glass of wine.  This is used for the Stock Management feature of Napkin EPOS, in order to reduce current quantities in stock as and when Items are sold. It is also used for the Profit and Loss calculations, as it calculates the bar’s cost of the Cocktail.

The first column “Till Item” is the name of the Cocktail or Glass of Wine, and is the same as the Item entered into <Stock Items> where “From Ingredients” property was ticked ☑.  Only where Items “From Ingredients” are ticked will show up in this column.

The second column “Ingredient”, is for the item(s) that goes into make up the Cocktail.  Add a new row for each new ingredient. Only Items, where “From Ingredients” are unticked ☐ will show up in this column.
When the new “Ingredient” is entered, the unit size of this ingredient will be per-populated. This is sourced from the “Till Size” defined in <Stock Items> (as opposed to the “Delivery Size”). This enables you to define the “Number of Till Units” based on the smaller measure…. for instance 3 shots of Gin in a given cocktail.

Below is an example of how to setup 1) a Vesper Martini cocktail, and 2) a 125ml glass of champagne from a bottle… (A Vesper Martin is made up of 75ml gin, 25ml vodka, and 12.5m Kina Lillet dry vermouth )

<Stock Items> example setup

Stock ItemFrom IngredientsDelivery VolumeDelivery UnitsTill VolumeTill Unit
Vesper Martini0ml0ml
Gordons Gin70cl25ml
Absolute Vodka70cl25ml
Kina Lillet75cl25ml
Bollinger Bottle75cl75cl
Bollinger Glass0ml0ml

<Ingredients> example setup