Getting Started

Plug power and ethernet cable into the NapkinBox.  Ensure NapkinBox is placed in a cool ventilated location.

Please now wait 2 minutes…It is important to wait, as the your IP address is now being associated with your NapkinBox.  This needs to happen in a few places to ensure the necessary security is up and running  ( https )

Now, on your Android tablet/phone open Chrome and visit the webpage: This should redirect you to your local NapkinBox using the local IP address, which will look something like  You should see the login screen as per below. Bookmark this IP address as a favourite using the Chrome menu followed by the star. Do ensure you carry out the router configuration detailed further below.  Day to day you will not use this IP address but the bookmark is there in case your internet goes down, so you can still access Napkin. See Disaster Strikes for more details on this.

Now enter the following webpage into Chrome: This should direct you to your local NapkinBox displaying the login screen and the address will be <YourAccoutNumber>

If you do not see the screen above after a few minutes, try changing the DNS Server on your router to be Google’s DNS ( and or

You should see on the bottom of the screen “Add Napkin EPOS to Home Screen”. This process installs the Napkin EPOS WebApp onto your device. If you dont see this, click on the three dots top right, followed by “Install App”.

Exit Chrome and launch Napkin EPOS from the icon now on your Android home screen/ App Drawer. The website address bar should not be visible. The Navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen can also be hidden on Samsung devices by holding down the dot in the bottom left hand corner. From then on, simply swipe up from bottom to access the navigation buttons.

Now, in Napkin EPOS on the Login screen, select    and then “Reset Admin User’s PIN”

An email should immediately be sent to your registered email address with the new randomly generated PIN to log in. You can change this PIN under “Users” later.

Log in with this 4 digit PIN. On first use, you will be directed straight to the “Back Office”

Select “Device Setup”, and enter a name for the Android device you are using, eg. “Bar Till 1”

Log Out by clicking   and enter in your PIN to log back in.  Select   and “Change Zoom” to suit your needs.  The zoom specified is Tablet specific, and is saved as a cookie on your device, so you will need to redo this, if you clear your browsing history in Chrome.

Router Configuration – Static IP Address

Lastly, you will need to reserve the IP address of the NapkinBox in your Router Administrative settings. The way to do it will vary from router to router. Simply google your router brand name followed by “DHCP reservation”. The reason to do this, is that sometimes your router every few months may re-assign a new IP address to the NapkinBox.  This could result in Napkin EPOS to stop working for a few hours as the DNS settings need to be updated at your Internet Service Provider, and this can take some time. By reserving the IP address of the NapkinBox it will be permanent, and you wont have this issue.
Some example router instructions:

Napkin EPOS is ready to use. You should now add the Printers, Groups, Stock Items, Promotions etc in the <Back Office>.