Payments Setup

Start first in the <Payment Group> section. This allows you to define the different types of payments, eg card, mobile, cash etc. There are already some default ones set up. This is used for reporting purposes.

The <Payment Types> section allows you to define all the different type of payment options you want to record. again some defaults are already setup.

Open Cash Drawer” allows you to specify if this payment type is present on the bill at final bill settlement , whether to the automatically open the cash drawer. In the screenshot example above, if  both “Cash” and “Account” are present on one bill, then the cash drawer will open. If say “Account” is the only payment type that is used to full settle the bill, then the cash drawer will not open.

Till Unit Price” allows you to specify is there is a charge for using a certain payment type. eg in the example above “American Express” has been set with a 20p charge. The charge is added to the bill, whenever “American Express” is selected during the payment process of settling the bill:

Image : If no image is specified then the “Description” is displayed on the payment section instead of the Icon selected.  The images are predefined, but if you need a specific image that is not present, please contact us to request it. …eg “Account” in example above.

Payment Group” needs to be included to group different Payment Types

Order” allows you to specify the layout of the payment screen.

Active: You can remove a Payment Type so it does not become an option on cashing out a Tab , by unticking this field.

It is not possible to activate SumUp from this screen, which is why the ‘Active’ flag is greyed out. To enable SumUp please see <Back Office><SumUp>