Authorise SumUp

Before you can use any of the Napkin’s seamless integration with SumUp, you will need a SumUp Card reader and SumUp account.  To get one click here. Ensure you have downloaded the SumUp Android app to your Tablet.

Now in Napkin EPOS, go to <Back Office><Authorise SumUp> which will ask you to log into your SumUp Account and give access permission to Napkin. 

Once complete, on the mail till, you should now see the option for ‘SumUp’ when settling a bill, that will allow you to use the SumUp card reader.  Select “SumUp” and enter the desired amount and click .

This will now send you over to SumUp Android App. If this is aborted or declined in the SumUp App, it will send a message back to Napkin EPOS informing of this fact.

The cancelled SumUp transaction will be displayed in red with a strikethrough.

Now lets put another SumUp bill settlement through for £15… again it will send this through to the SumUp App which will now take focus on the tablet.

You should also see the amount appear on the SumUp card reader, which connects to the tablet via Bluetooth.

Continuing with the payment on the card reader will display a success message in the SumUp Android app :

Tap <SKIP> to to continue – or enter the customers email address to send them a payment receipt. This will then flip back to the Napkin EPOS App.. However the first time you will need to tell Android that the default action needs to be Napkin EPOS,

Select ‘Open with’ … ‘Napkin EPOS’ and ‘Always’. Focus will now return to Napkin EPOS, with a success message displayed.

Furthermore the SumUp Transaction code will be sent to Napkin, and displayed for reference, and the SumUp Bill settlement will now be coloured green, as seen below.