Calculate Shrinkage and Roll Opening Stock

Under <Back Office><Calc Shrinkage +Roll> Napkin EPOS will display three numerical columns :

  • ‘Target’: the current estimated stock levels
  • ‘Quantity’: Sum of Stock Take in all locations
  • ‘Variance’: ‘Quantity’ – ‘Target’ ( ie shrinkage )

In the same way as the <Stock Take> make sure you choose the appropriate ‘End of Day’ date. This will default to yesterday, making the assumption that the Stock Take is carried out in the morning before business has opened. Hence any Sales and Deliveries recorded for today will be ignored. If you want to capture activity that happened earlier today, simply change the date to today.  If you changed the date when doing the <Stock Take> this should carry over to this section also.

When you are happy, click the button ‘Calculate Shrinkage + Roll Opening Stock’.  This will now calculate and store the shrinkage and make the opening stock equal to the stock take.  This is done using FIFO methodology.

It will also set ‘Pending’ Deliveries to be ‘Archived’ and can no longer be amended, and previous Sales can no longer be voided from the <Sales History> section on the main till menu, e.g.

Roll Back

If you made a mistake in the process, be it, incorrect Stock Take, or you missed recording a delivery, this would have resulted in an incorrect shrinkage or opening stock being calculated.  It is possible to roll back by click on the button. This will result in the following.

  • Previous calculated shrinkage will be deleted.
  • Current Opening Stock levels will revert back to the previous Opening Stock levels
  • Deliveries set to ‘Editable’, hence can be amended as necessary
  • Previous Sales re-allowed to be voided.
  • Current Stock Take set to the prior Stock Take.