Stock Take

Periodically, you may want to do a stock take, to ensure that you know exactly what stock you have, after all there will be ‘Shrinkage’ over time. Whether this is breakages or spoiled stock, mistakes on customers’ bills, or staff taking / consuming the stock, you need to make sure you have enough stock in, to sell to customers when the ask for it.

Based on your stock take, Napkin will calculate your shrinkage in terms of quantity, as well as value, and allows you to track it over time. This will also result in <Create Orders> for Suppliers being more accurate, as the ‘Estimate Stock’ levels are periodically adjusted to the true stock take levels.

You can record your current inventory under <Back Office><Stock Take>

Make sure you choose the appropriate ‘End of Day’ date. This will default to yesterday, making the assumption that the Stock Take is carried out in the morning before business has opened. Hence any Sales and Deliveries recorded for today will be ignored. If you want to capture activity that happened earlier today, simply change the date to today.

You will first be presented with the ‘Target’.  If no ‘Location‘ is set this is simply the ‘Estimated Stock’. ‘Quantity’ refers to the sum of the Stock Take amount at the various locations in your premises. ‘Variance’ is the difference between ‘Target’ and ‘Quantity’.

By choosing a ‘Location’ will enable the ‘Quantity’ column allowing you to enter the stock take in that location for each item.

‘Variance’ is automatically calculated.  You can see more information about the ‘Target’ of a given Stock Item by clicking on Target cell.

Selecting another Location, allows you to capture the inventory in various locations in your Premises.

When you do this the ‘Target’ will change, as it is based on ‘Estimated Stock Level’ less ‘Stock Take’ in all other locations. In the example above, Estrella 1906 ‘Estimate Stock Level’ = 60, ‘Bar’ Location Stock Take = 19, hence Target = 41. Again clicking on the Target will give breakdown including stock take in ‘Other Locations’.

Once you have finished click the blue back button to see the Stock Take for all locations, and associated Variance.

Now you can click back to go to <Back Office><Calc Shrinkage + Roll>