Suppliers and Supplier Item Codes

Under <Back Office><Suppliers> it is possible to add, and update Supplier details. The ‘Supplier Name’ will be used when recording <New Deliveries>, in addition when Creating orders, ‘Contact Name’ and ‘Email’ will also be used.

Under <Stock Items> you can enter a ‘Default Supplier’, along with ‘Min’ and ‘Par’ levels.  When you <Create Order> for a given Supplier, Napkin will work out the current estimated stock levels, and if this is below the ‘Min Level’ of that stock Item, will calculate and display an amount that will take you back to the ‘Par Level’.  It will only do this, if the given Supplier of the ‘Order’ is the Default Supplier for the Stock Item.

Supplier Item Codes

Using <Back Office><Supplier Item Codes> you can add a Supplier specific code to an Item. This is for when an ‘Order’ is to be emailed to a Supplier, as it will enable the Supplier to more quickly look up your request based on their own codes.