Liquid Accounts

Under <Back Office><Sync Liquid Accounts> it is possible to set up Napkin EPOS to upload data to Liquid Accounts is a cloud based accounting application, and is compliant with HMRC Make Tax Digital VAT submissions.

To setup, you will first be asked for a Company Code. Contact if you do not know this code.

After which you will be asked for a Start Date from which to begin syncing. Any Sales or Deliveries recorded in Napkin before this date will be excluded from the sync process. This may be necessary for when if you are switching from another accounting application to LiquidAccounts.

This will now open a Sync Status screen as per below. The liquid settings button   allows you to re-enter the Company Code and Start Date or stop the whole sync process.

Now click on the Sync button     – You should only ever need to click on this Sync button once. From now on all data is uploaded in real time. However if you identify something has not synced, you can click on this button to retry.  This may happen for instance, if website is down, or your internet is down… then the real time sync can not happen.  Furthermore there is a daily overnight re-sync process that occurs to upload any data missed due to the above examples.  Pressing the Sync Button simply starts that overnight process now.

Sales and Payments

All sales are uploaded to a Liquid Accounts ‘Customer’ called : “TilgoSales“. Line item level details uploaded include, Stock Description, Price, Quantity, VAT Amount. Sales are uploaded once they are finalised in Napkin EPOS, i.e. fully paid and closed off. In they can be seen under > Sales > Invoicing.

All Payments are assigned to a ‘Bank’ called “TILGO“. Liquid Accounts Support will need to setup this Bank up in their system for your account.

Uploaded Payments are automatically allocated to the associated Sale and both are at the most granular level.

Liquid Accounts assigns each Sale and Payment uploaded with a Transaction ID. This Transaction ID is sent back to Napkin during the sync process. This can be seen in the Sync status screen, by selecting a line item and then the drill-down button . This will also give any error messages with the Sync process.


When you add a Supplier or change any Supplier details, the data is uploaded to LiquidAccounts realtime. In this can be seen under > Purchases > Supplier Details.

All Suppliers uploaded by Napkin, will also contain the tag “Tilgo-XX” where XX is the unique SupplierID auto-generated in Napkin. Any changes to these supplier details should be done in Napkin. This is a one-way sync, so if you make any changes in website, they will be re-overwritten during the next Sync using the Napkin data.


All Deliveries entered into Napkin will be uploaded real time to Liquid Accounts. Details uploaded include, Stock Description, Price, Quantity, VAT Amount. In this can be seen under > Purchases > Invoices, as per below

Any changes done in Napkin, under <Back Office><Deliveries History> will also be updated into Liquid Accounts. Once uploaded the ‘Status’ in Liquid Accounts will be “Outstanding”. When you pay off the invoice in Liquid, this will then be reflected as “Paid” as per example below.

When a Delivery has ‘Paid’ Status in it will no longer be possible to amend any of its details in Napkin.