Online Customer Ordering

Online Ordering functionality needs to be specifically enabled for your use. Please contact us if you would like to use it. SumUp account required. All online payments go directly to your SumUp account., enables your customers to order and pay themselves, very much like Deliveroo or JustEat, but for table service or collection. As seen in the screenshots below, if an item is choosen with modifiers, then a pop-up will occur asking the customer to select the necessary “Option” or optional “Addons”. This is the same setup for <Modifiers> on the in-house Napkin EPOS, and created in the same way plus the “Include Online” is ticked.

Once the customer has finished adding their items, they would click on the cart icon, which then displays their cart enabling them to checkout. At checkout, the customer would enter in their credit card details, email, and how the order will be delivered to them.  There are three options, Collection, Table Service or Delivery,  all of which are configurable under <Back Office><Online Ordering Settings> and <Online Menus>.

Once paid, a ‘Status’ will appear, followed by the receipt which will also indicate the Order# number. The Status will show either the position in queue, if “Table Service” was selected, or wait time for “Collection” or “Delivery”. The address bar will also change to display a case-sensitive unique URL for the order, e.g.

The order is then sync’d with your local NapkinBox within 1 minute. The Order will be automatically printed to the pre-defined printer, and an email receipt sent to the customer. The email is sent from your SMTP email server, hence you need to set this up under <Back Office><Settings>.

Additionally, a red notification dot will appear on all active tablets on top of the “Tab” icon.

Select the “Tab” icon, followed by ‘Online’. This will show all the currently active open tabs from Napkin with the associated Order# number. A red notification dot will appear on any tab that has not yet been opened by a user

You can then open the Tab to view, and amend it, like any other Tab. 

To finalise and cash out the Online Tab, simply click the icon like any other tab.  Once done, this will reduce the queue number for all other orders.

A QR Code icon, brings up the same unique URL, that the customer was shown on after the payment of the order. Furthermore the URL is also present on the email and printed receipt.

Online Opening and Wait Times.

In <Back Office><Online Menus> it is possible to enter the times that your customers can place orders. Outside of these times a banner will be presented to your customer showing that it is current closed, and when it will be open. They can still view the menu, and add items to their cart, but will not be allowed to checkout.

You can also specify the “Collection Wait Time” in minutes, if a customer places an order in that given time period. As can be seen in the screenshot above, Saturday has two time slots, one from 9:00 to 17:00 and then one from 17:00 to 23:00, with each slot having a different collection wait time, i.e. 10 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. You can add as many time slots as you want, though make sure there are no gaps in between time slots on a given day, otherwise Napkin will indicate that you are closed during that gap.

This ‘Collection Wait Time’ is a the number of minutes from when the customer checkouts to when it should be available for collection. The estimated collection time is shown to the customer on the Checkout screen, and a later time can be chosen. The selected Collection time, will be displayed on the customer’s email receipt, printed receipt, printed order, and on the main till, both under Online Tabs, and Sales History

Delivery Wait Times

If ‘Delivery’ is an option on Napkin for your customers, then the wait time will be increased over and above the “Collection Wait Time” specified in the screenshot directly above. The additional wait time for a delivery is specified on <Online Ordering Settings> under the field “Extra Wait Time For Delivery In Minutes“. For instance if this is set to 5 minutes, and the “Collection Wait Time” is 10 mins (at the point the customer submitted the order), then the delivery wait time shown to the customer will be 15 minutes. Again the customer can choose a later Delivery time.

Out Of Stock

If an item is Out Of Stock… please go to <Back Office><Online Out Of Stock>

Collection Device Push Notifications

If a customer has set up an account online, and placed a Collection order, they will be presented with the option to receive a push notification to their device when the order is ready. They can also enable this under their <Account Details>.

When an order arrives in Napkin EPOS, and it is a Collection order, the wait staff will be presented with a slider control that defaults to “Prepare” but can be moved to “Ready”. When the order is set to “Ready” a push notification will immediately be sent to the user’s device (if they have enabled notifications), notifying them of that fact. The webpage associated with their order will also be updated with a status: “Collection Ready”.