Napkin EPOS is not an internet based system, so interruptions to the internet won’t cause you to lose service. The software and all your data are held on your premises. An internet connection is necessary for system updates, authentication, data cloud backup, and if using the Customer Online Ordering module. A SumUp Air card payment terminal will require an internet connection.

You will need to supply

  1. Android tablet or Android Phone
    • We recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 (not 2016) as well as recommending the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5, Tab S 4, 5e, 6 or 6lite. We suggest that you do not buy a cheap Android tablet, as usually these tablets are slower and the screen is less responsive to touch, impairing your usability of Napkin.
  2. Star TSP 143 or 654 LAN thermal printer
  3. Cash drawer with RJ11 connector
  4. Wifi router (from your Internet Service Provider)
  5. Optional SumUp Air card payment reader. (Bluetooth)

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