About us

Napkin is the low-cost EPoS system for bars, cafés and restaurants, as well as a customer online ordering portal. Our pricing structure, requirements and functionality make us a great choice for small businesses. We help you get set up, then provide online assistance through our support site and dedicated email service.

We have been writing custom software for hospitality since 2005, and started development of our Napkin EPoS system in October 2015, originally called Tilgo. We went live with our first customer in September 2016, and we released version 2 in January 2017, when we moved the whole setup to new hardware.

July 2017 release in included chart reporting and daily backups to Amazon Web Services.

March 2018 release added inventory management, customer accounts and end of day cash outs.

February 2019 release, moved us fully to https and included integration with SumUp, to allow a seamless payment process.  We also introduced our support site, enabling our customers to get quick answers to their questions.

August 2019 release, integrated with accounting software LiquidAccounts.com, where sales and deliveries are synced in real-time. We also built in a QR and Barcode scanner that utilises the device’s camera.

February 2020 release, is when we went live with Napkin.co.uk, our online portal enabling the general public to place an order for collection, delivery or table service, with full EPOS integration. Online orders are printed automatically to the designated printer, and emails sent to customers from the client’s email account. All payments taken online, are routed solely though the client’s SumUp account.

November 2020 release, saw the introduction of multiple online menus for a single venue, and the consolidation of our brand into Napkin ( from Tilgo )

July 2021 release added customer accounts to the online ordering platform, enabling customers to save their card payment details for quicker checkouts.

November 2022 release, updated online saved card payments to 3DSecure and added the ability to create Modifier groups, resulting in much easier maintenance of menus both on the Till and for Online Ordering. 

As well as major releases like those highlighted above, we do regular minor releases to keep Napkin as simple and efficient as possible. As a small, nimble company, we are able to be really responsive to our customers.

We are 100% UK based, with our head office in Kingston Upon Thames.